TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

Secret - I'm so lonely and getting crippling depressed but I just don't know how to meet people and get out there to meet men either

I have left the Mormon church, but because of how religious my family is I have yet to tell them. It's been over a year now.

I get really jealous of a lot of my friends because they are better off than I am and I always wonder if I'll ever get that lucky #youngmomandwife

I'm only with my boyfriend so him and his son can have a better life. But it's starting to kill me

I'm a 5'2", 100 pound petite little woman. I won't pass gas around my boyfriend because I fart like a grown man.

I'm a 35 year old virgin. In a Mormon world...I'm basically an old bitty. I have the cat to prove it too.

I know my friends husband cheated on her years ago and never told her.

My parents don't know I am a homeless rapper!!

My little sister steals my moms credit card and buys x-rated body pillows and humps them btw she's 18

I want to bang most of my female friends

I am so tired of pretending to be happy in a relationship that is draining me, mentally, physically and emotionally. We need to break up. There won''t be a happy ever after for us.

spent entire childhood in a closet abused physically and mentally by the woman who adopted me. She still walks free I still live with the trauma

Been married 20 years this year, have a serious crush on my secretary, won t act on it, but it s there.

I'm 29 w/several kids,married& feel so lonely.i dont have friends to hang out w/ & its severely depressing.i feel like I live in my hubby's shadow.

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