TEXT TOPIC: Do you have sellers remorse?

Do you have sellers remorse?

sold my 72 Chevy truck my dad bought new I inherited needed money would pay what ever the get it back

had sellers remorse, when I sold my 1969 Chevy C 10 short bed truck. Super rare truck, but money talks

never should have sold my 69' C10 truck body on it was perfect. Sold it for $1500 now I could get close to $15000 for it in the condition it was in.

my husband and I sold our bikes and kiddy rider when I got into nursing school to go towards tuition. I ended up getting scholarships, so we sold them for nothing

Had print of a movie poster. Friend was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe & bought it from me. Found out later it was an original AND SIGNED. I died

--That Marilyn Monroe movie poster was a limited print & not the 1 they used to advertise movie. She has it insured for $150,000 +. Still kills me. Sold it for $25

sold an old iPhone not locked with homemade videos and pics of my kids mom

we sold a huge, very nice multi purpose exercise machine for cheap regretting my decision I go to the gym now to use one--And the damn gym is freaking busy every time! I have to wait in line for that same machine!

My husband regrets selling his Jeep. 4 years ago we had a nice older Jeep but it was not practical, we had a one year old and I was pregnant

our waterbed . It doesn’t compare to the comfort of the one we just bought

sold an Old Stradivarius COPY for 25$. They sell online close to 1000. I was young and dumb:(

my first house, townhouse, worth a fortune now and could've rented. Got such a good deal when I bought, bummer

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