TEXT TOPIC: Are you learning something NEW right now?

Are you learning something NEW right now? 

Been in Customer Service nearly 20 years. Just started in B2B for e-commerce, very different but loving it! Lots more to learn, and looking forward to it!

learning how to quilt, taking a class with my 2 girls. Super fun

I'm trying the learn the piano and I'm loving every minute of it.

my job. I've worked as an insurance agent and I'm studying programming but I've never built the medical data electronic files till now.

I''m learning Manzilian Waxing (Brazilian waxing for males) it''s very different due to the anatomy and it''s definitely a stretch out of my comfort zone but I''m gonna rock it!

I'm learning how to get up on slalom. I've tried dropping a ski & I can't go under water without plugging my nose...it's becoming a challenge

trying to learn the AR systems at Tesla in 2 days to which includes 6 programs and payments from 12 different banks

learning about real estate My fianc just became an agent & does property management for BYU housing & I want to be able to talk with him about it

I'm learning how to pay a mortgage! First time home buyer! #adulting

I am going to get a new puppy today. Never owned any animal. This is going to be learning something completely new. Very nervous

I am learning how to groom dogs

I just started a black smith class. I love it.

i am a autobody tech doing a 180 and learning cyber security

learning how to apply makeup. I've always been super basic and I'm loving learning new techniques and buying new products!

just bought a money pit. It''s also pronounced "boat". But I''m learning how to maintain and care for it. And fix it

finally starting nail school tomorrow can't wait

Having 1st baby next month.... learning how to master the swaddle

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