TEXT TOPIC: What event do you hope gets canceled so you can chill?

Our friends group plans to go to the local Burning Man in July. So so hoping we don't go. I hate , camping in the desert heat and no showers 4 days

that’s me every time i have plans, i swear! I feel one type of way when we make plans, but when it comes down to actually going! I''m hoping they cancel so i can binge watch Netflix and eat all the food i want!

I wish for that for every plan that gets made. I'm just too lazy to have to get dressed and put a bra on

I always hope plans are canceled! I make them then the day comes and I don't know what I was thinking and pray they get canceled

we are supposed to go on a fam trip with the in-laws Sat but I am hoping they cancel so we can put in our hardwood floors.

I'm hoping this guy that I've been seeing will cancel our date on the 16th

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