TEXT TOPIC: Did you tell your spouse too much about your past?

told my husband about the number of men I slept with prior to him. Mine was higher then his so every fight we had, he threw it in my face.

don't tell everyone I was sexually assaulted. I don't feel it's necessary. When I told my the father of my child (my now ex) he contacted the people who hurt me to hear their side. Didn't believe me until he talked to them. It broke me.

ANYTIME there is a disagreement or if I'm "flirting" aka being nice to someone. Hubby brings up past ANNOYING! BIG REGRET

this is going on constantly it's about to end our relationship cause she hounded me for details and then twists up things to make her argument

my biggest mistake in my deepest secret. When I first met my best friend she was out of town and I slept with her now ex-husband. When they were going through their divorce I was dating My Husband and her husband ex-husband threatened to tell her about it if I didn''t give up her location.I wasn''t about to tell this crazy person where she left so I thought I was doing the right thing by being the one to let my husband know. Better be to be honest right? Wrong biggest mistake of my life. You never even told her so now my husband hold it over my head.

My hubby tells me too much. I don’t ask cause I don’t want to know. My insecurities will get to me and I don’t care about his past. He’s my future and that’s where I want to take it.

told my hubs when we were dating I slept with a certain guy before we ever met, turns out he went to school with him. Hubs hates him to death now.

hubs hates the site of his name and we've had a couple major arguments about him. Even tho the guy is non existent in my life!

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