TEXT TOPIC: Is your husband baby hungry?

my husband was baby hungry. Now that we have 2months until the babies born He tells me how he wished we waited a little longer So that we can experience life

my husband is like that he is beyond baby hungry and I just found out I can't get pregnant

my husband pushed me to have a baby. I was never baby hungry and now we have a daughter that I love but I'm still don't like other people's babies lol.

Girlfriends husband wanted a baby so bad that he wouldn’t let her do a bodybuilding comp. she made a deal with him that she''d have a baby after her comp. she’s now 10 weeks prego

hubby wants more kids we just had number three. I was set with one, now he’s planning for #4 and I’m planning for a vasectomy

hubs wanted another kid. He had 2 from previous I had 2 from previous he wanted 1 together I wasn't sure. Said okay if it happens it happens. Ended up having twin boys

hubby wants 4th, after placenta accreta with 3rd and his cheating while I was dealing with post partum I said no way in hell will I have another

Me an my husband have 6 kids, 3 mine, 3 his, none together. They’re all grown youngest 16. He wants one together with me im 42 he’s 42 an we have 2 grandkids. Unsure if I want to start all over again.

was only set for one more due in two months considering another one ha ha Hubby is excited

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