TEXT TOPIC: Who blames their bad or rude behavior on their health problem?

Who blames their bad or rude behavior on their health problem?

My brother! He tries to convince everyone he's schizophrenic, but I know he's just an a-hole with no accountability and doesn't want to work.

sis in law has PTSD but she will intentionally say rude things and then tag on the end it s a bad day . She gets mad that we avoid being around her when we can.

my mother in law uses her anything medical on why she hurts so she can get her pain pills. She is addicted to them. Latest was a stubbed toe.

co worker verbally harassed several when he got in trouble he tried saying it was because of aspergers (he was self diagnosed) he was moved to new dept

My sister always complains the way she is cause she's bio polar no one likes her I told her I have it to but you don't see me setting my ex husbands house on fire

my grandma always blames everything oh her cancer. Her cancer is very little she won't die from him but she tells everyone she is dying from it

I have BPD. I don't use it as an excuse but it's something I can't control all the time. I know I'm being an a-hole but I can't stop it.

He blames it on his anxiety "which causes awkward social behavior". I have ptsd & anxiety and I'm not a total a-hole for no reason

Sis in law has scoliosis. She is so rude to people & is ornery because "she’s in pain all the time" yet she constantly tries to host parties...which no one shows up to

my best friend ALWAYS blames everything he does on his ADHD and adderol

My niece blames her poor behavior on her SELF DIAGNOSED bipolar and D.I.D. All she is is a bratty hypochondriac.

me, not an illness but i blame that I'm on my period all the time!

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