TEXT TOPIC: Family that drops by your house uninvited.

Family that drops by your house uninvited.

wife's grandma. Calls everyone for no reason. If people don't answer she goes and knocks on the door. She is cray cray

sis in law popped in so much had to change locks she'd come in and snoop if we not home. Now does drive bys

my mother-in-law is notorious for drop-ins! The worst was after the hubby and I had finished doing the deed and I was walking around naked and saw her face glued to the glass in my front door staring at me!

Father in law drops by whenever. Lives 18 minutes away and just shows up all the time. Feel a little bit bad because most of the time we’re on our way out to something (wink, wink)

my grandma drops in unannounced all the time, my dad always panics and runs to hide the beer bottles and coffee because she's LDS and doesn't know

its my family we do it but hate when its done to us lol

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