TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

What is your passive aggressive text? 

You may have all the bigwigs fooled. But I see you for the fraud that you are. You don't deserve the accolades you get.

look mother in law. Just because it's my first child doesn't mean I'm an idiot. You don't know best so SHUT UP and don't tell me how to raise my child.

I want to tell my coworker to stop letting her teens have boyfriends/girlfriends sleep over and maybe they'll stop getting knocked up!

to my neighbors who smoke outside. You have health issues, our daughter is asthmatic, and it comes in our house

my brother has an obligation to his child and not you since you broke up with him. get your act together and find a job. stop spending his money on healing stones

the pink B knows what you said. Your fake face can only stay on for so long. You made it personal not me.

MOM I m 21 u can t tell me I can t move out with my bf. We’ve been together for 1yr

You got knocked up, not a title or crown. Quit acting like you're a queen and he is the hell up!!!

Competing, how? I never recall you asking for money, were family, WE JUST DO THAT, we offered. If that''s rubbing, than maybe your Insecure or unhappy? stop being so jealous about nothing, we have 0 kids, its diff. Stop having kids ask your bf to get a j.o.b and just b happy with life and what u do have.

One word--manscaping!! I do not want to be married to Chewbacca!!

ALL UTAH DRIVERS learn to f’ing drive. When you want to be slow move over to the right IT''STHE LAW. Don’t stomp on your breaks to cause an accident nor slow down to piss people off. KEEP RIGHT ITS THE LAW!!

I'm done being a team player with you , your lazy and only do shiz when it benefits you, do your own work , I'm done helping your lazy ass.

You are a liar and a cheater. What I now know is shocking. I hope Karma pays you a visit soon

Passive aggressive to my employee that has Tuesday’s off. How about you not call in sick every Monday with another lame excuse. so you can have another day off in a row grow up come to work that’s what we do

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