TEXT TOPIC: Did you recently run out of gas?

Did you recently run out of gas?

Ran out of gas on my motorcycle Walked 2 blocks 2 the gas station 2 get a gas can but they didn’t have one so I had 2 walk back and push it up hill 2 get gas

crashes my dirt bike 5 miles from camp stood up and tried to start it. Realized not only had I crashed but it just ran out of gas right before.

ran out of fuel in my semi 150 yards from the Flying J I had to do the walk of shame and ask for a fuel can and luckily they had one

Family road trip coming home from Wells Nevada with our camper, hit some serious wind just east of Delle on I-80, gas mileage plummeted. Ran out of gas in Grantsville and had to make the Walk of Shame up to the door of the house I was now parked in front of. Elderly lady was super nice and let me borrow some gas from her lawn mower gas can to get me the last mile to the gas station

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