TEXT TOPIC: Who is trying to get with your spouse?

Corporate, longtime boyfriend works in the same company, another girl in the company has been hardcore flirting w him. She knows we are together. GET OUTTA HERE BISH.

Hubby owns a bar. There are a couple regulars that have stalked, threatened me, sad outside our home after following him home from the bar Multiple times

one of my coworkers I added on social media was complimenting my husband. She then started to tag him on pictures. And would message him..... started to send him gifts thru mail and at one point sent my husband a male sex toy and posted it on social media saying they are now exploring new things.... as if they were a couple. She would post several pics on social media saying the outfits were bought by my husband.

My husband's best friend kept telling me how beautiful I was & how he wanted to kiss me all the time

my brother in law would hit on me all the time when we went to visit. When my husband passed away his brother told me to move in with him. Never

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