TEXT TOPIC: What is your new addiction?

Live trivia games. And it s all your guys fault!!!

addicted to swimsuits all the sudden, i have bought 10 new swimsuits in the last 2 months


DietBet. The chance to lose weight and take others money. The competitive nature of me has come out even though it's a good thing.

Grey's Anatomy! I am newly addicted to this! Luckily there are like 14 seasons! Haha!

addicted to the Dunford mocha donuts at holiday oil

new addiction is Kombucha drinks! I don''t think I''m supposed to be spending this much $ on drinks or drinking this many. Some are good, some are awful! But I can't stop trying the different varieties!!!

I've discovered meat and cheese bean burritos from my neighborhood Chevron deep-fried with some ranch and a whipped orange rockstar!!!! it's been about three months... I had to give myself a limit, once a week only because my booty was getting too big LOL

Color Street Nails!

chocolate tuxedo mousse cake from Costco

Addicted to the Pura Vida Bracelets. I have probably more than 50.

building AR15's it's like the adult model so many options that you could build 100 and no 2 would be the same.

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