TEXT TOPIC: Did you travel far for an event and then ended up not attending

Did you travel far for an event and then ended up not attending after all once you got there? 

my wife and I were on our way to a wedding in St George, when we got there she didn’t want to go anymore, so we went hiking instead. I was happy about the whole thing.

went to Mexico for my little cousin's quince era, the day before the party my uncle got drunk and told us the only reason why were invited was that we had money, we don’t

haha we ended up not attending the party.

When I was 16 my mom and I drove to California for my brother's graduation. And my brother told my mom that he had other plans. So we drove back to Utah the very next hour. I barely got my license.

mom went back to Pennsylvania for her mother's funeral and miss because she was put in the hospital psych ward.

won tix 2 j-lo in Vegas. Drove into the wind last month. The family I took with me gets nasty when hungry n we clashed w family we met in Vegas n no one saw the show.

had a falling out with a friend. We both went out of state for a mutual friend’s wedding. She wanted to bring up stuff & I said let’s do this later. She left during dinner

we flew to Cali for my steps sons graduation and his mom wouldn't give us tickets to get in(you needed tickets and we were told we had two), so we went to Disney land instead.

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