TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

What is your passive aggressive text?

ur 24 yr old boyfriend doesn't want a life with you, he wants a mom to always take care of him. When ur 19 yrs older than him that's what you get

Siblings. Our Mom has cancer. Stop asking her & Dad to baby sit your crappy kids. Of course they ll say YES because they’re nice& don t know how to say NO. They’re retired and Mom is sick. Fork out money like the rest of us and pay for a sitter you free loaders!

I get good intentions, but posting on FB about my Mom's terminal illness is NOT cool. Post about yourself and leave my family out of it

thx 4 being nice to me on my Bday last week

But where were you when I am ready to give my whole heart to you? Sorry dude, this ship has sailed!

I love you. But I'm only so many dirty socks away from divorce. Pick up after yourself!!!!!!! With love.

why do things have to be so hard. We do the right things. We would leave the church, but I am sure you would burn my house down to prove it gets worse.

Don''t tell me 2 beat my kid when they r meltin down in the store.They are human & have feelings & r learning 2 deal w/them.I won''t beat the emotion outta my child.

I hate you. Member when I smashed fry sauce in your face while eating a corn dog? Well I am happy I did it because u was a jerk the other night at a the party. All I was trying to do is make u feel better about the break up.

Stop using filters on your photos...not even filters can't fix your face! Stop texting married Men. It's disgusting. Ugly face...ugly heart!

you’re a psycho. You need help. And it’s funny how your occupation is to "help" others struggling when in reality you’re so narcissistic and such a psychopath manipulator you refuse to get help yourself. Have fun living a miserable life, it’s what I wish for you.

Kanye was being passive aggressive to Kim when he tweeted about the cell usage, but he did it on Monday, not Tuesday >

Dear co-worker no one wants to give you money for your wedding dress. This is your 2nd wedding. And you shouldn't ask for presents.

Stop trying to force a relationship-We don’t like you & your kids are spoiled brats. We don’t feel welcome at your house & you overstep at ours. We keep saying no, but you don’t seem to get it.

mother in law no one likes u including ur child. U think u r a great parent and grandparent the only thing u r great at is being psychotic!

To my Sister - U are a crappy Mom! For someone like myself that can’t have kids, it makes me sad 2 see how little u care about ur kids when u choose2 be with ur psych ex-boyfriend & his dysfunctional kids over ur own kids.

manipulating my daughter against me during our divorce is only pushing me to get full custody and telling her your not her real dad.

I sold your product and did my job. Operations need to do their job and not hold up the sales process! It affects not only me but my customers! Do your job and stop screwing with my money!!!!!

Mother in law maybe you should understand why I trust the baby sitter more than you just look at your youngest son

MIL hasn't spoke to us since wedding. Now I'm pregnant and she thinks she can be apart of our lives. No thanks

I’m sorry your husband is out going and jokes around with me when I come over with my boyfriend his best friend. You are a mean controlling Russian wife to him!!!

Passive aggressive to my sister-in-law not everyone wants to be busy busy busy on the go all the time .especially on vacation! so chill if nobody wants to do what you wanna do every sec

dear husband u sure didn't mind helping make the kids I realize you're making the $ but that doesn't exempt u from helping raise the kids. Show up on time

Your relationship with your Sister is weird and the fact you have to be forced to put your Daughter first makes you an even bigger LOSER

I don’t know why you can’t be a good friend and a good girlfriend at the same time. I’ve been there for you while being a wife, sister, daughter, friend, and so on. Guess I’ll wait around for you to need me the next time your boyfriend has plans and you’re bored.

You are so wrapped up in knowing everything my boyfriend does and get so bent when he doesn’t have his attention on you 24/7, It’s not my fault you have a horrible boyfriend! Maybe work on your relationship instead of worrying about another man!

You are a grown a** man, own up to you mistakes and the consequences of YOUR decisions. STOP blaming it all on me!! We've been divorced for more almost 2 years.

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