TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

What is your dirty little secret?

My dirty little secret why having sex with my husband I think of his best friend

Dirty secret. Recently lost a very dear family friend. Making me rethink my life and my current long term relationship

My husband and my boyfriend are great friends. We all live together and it s perfect. I wish we could tell friends but no 1 would understand

I'm a serial cheater. I love my husband but batteries just don't do it for me when he doesn't want to.

use to be a webcam girl everyone else thought I did graphic design. Truth is I had to support my son someone since his deadbeat sperm donor wouldn't.

Secret Devoted LDS man and I love the feel of women's clothes. Not gay or anything just enjoy how they feel.

my secret is that i have a crush on my neighbor. Beautiful lady And I took the day off today. We got in bed like literally an hour ago. I’m married with 2 kids.

I'm worried we won't ever EVER get into a house and stop renting because of our extreme debt we are in

my secret is that I can't stand most of the girls I work with. They can't grow up and I'm sick of them backstabbing #girlssuck

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