TEXT TOPIC: What is your big purchase regret?

What is your big purchase regret?

bought a mattress for $1,200 and I absolutely hate it! It is too hard and I wake up with a backache every morning! I love the mattress we had before but my husband wanted to try the new brand I’m not listening to him anymore

In my early 20s I bought a grand Cherokee at 14% interest. The transmission blew and I was $2k upside down.

bought a time share. Ive never used it the rules are too strict. I took a loan out on my 401k to buy it. Money regrets $$$$$ smh!!!

We purchased an $18K timeshare in Cancun. Took 2 months to see terms to find out we had 5 days to cancel. Awful deal. Got our money back after 4 months of fighting!

pair for a personal trainer 12 month commitment for $120 a month I regretted it the second I got home

Paid $8K for hair transplants twice. Didn't grow. Ended up with scar on back of my head. Bad decision

regret going to college and taking out student loans. Huge regret.

bought a brand new coupe when I was 18 and regretted it for 2 weeks afterward.

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