TEXT TOPIC: Engaged group therapy. What do you think? Check out these texts

Engaged group therapy. What do you think? Check out these texts!

She needs to listen to her own intuition. If it's something she's worried about, there's reason. Divorce is a bigger regret then a breakup.

If after you have sat down and had a heart-to-heart with him and nothing’s changed I think you should leave, Just from personal experience my ex husband was the same way we were together for 10 years and out of that 10 years he worked a total of 2 years and we had one son together

Personally I think she s overreacting. Just because someone doesn’t t have a degree doesn’t t mean they won t be good providers or have direction. Why does it matter if she s the bread winner? It s the 21st century.

if you truly believe you'll be together forever your worries are temporal. You are young and you will both change a lot. The key is to change together

miss X needs to have a conversation about her concerns. His reaction should clue her in to what he is thinking and feeling too. She should pray before and after and then she’ll have her answer.

I don’t think you have cold feet. I think they are valid concerns. There needs to be equality in every relationship. Speak with him about it, maybe seek a couples therapist for an objective opinion.

To the girl with "cold feet" about wedding. (Text 1 of 2) LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. This may not be the right time/right guy. Back out of wedding ASAP. I went through same thing w/ 1st engagement in your same situation. So glad I backed out. He's a nice guy, but I would've had a bad life

u need 2 talk 2 ur fianc about this. Marrying someone is like a job interview. U need 2 decide what u want ur life to look like, then ask him what he wants his life 2 look like. If he isn''t match up 2 what u want then maybe he isn''t the right man for the job.

Ms X: the core traits of people don’t really change. If you say I do, you say I do to HIM. Decide if being the breadwinner is worth your compatibility and love for him.

it is a major concern but one she needs to discuss with her fiance today, if the answer is not comforting then don’t marry.

Trust your gut! Legitimate concerns. Let it be fun and exciting and set goals together for your future! Remember you are a TEAM!

if your gut tells you something, listen! No harm in postponing until he completes college.

I had graduated college before getting married and had a good job. Husband had done some college but not a lot. Had a decent job. We have been married 7 years and he’s almost done with college finally. As long as some kid of education is a goal, it shouldn''t matter.

I know a couple where she broke up with her bf for this reason. Told him he was directionless and he needed to get his life figured out. They parted ways for 6-9months he came back with a life plan and a ring. This matters

She needs to talk with him about his direction in life before anything else. She needs a man who is on the same page in life not pulling her down

talk to him. Maybe doesn''t want to be the breadwinner but just saying so to make you happy maybe he wants to be a stay at home instead talk to him be on the same page.

He needs to put his money where his mouth is!! "Gonna be" isn''t an "actually be". Maybe he wants to be a rocket surgeon one day

You have to have a conversation with your spouse. There are always going to be hard times talking. Start now. Tell him what you expect

Listen to your gut!! I did and dodged a big fat bullet. = That’s not just nerves or cold feet.

this is a legit concern. You have to bring it up to him or it sounds like you will be the bread winner.

I wouldn’t let the Utah stereotype of feeling like a man needs to be the soul breadwinner give you cold feet. If he keeps a job, loves you, and tries to better himself then you have nothing to worry about.

she needs to get out of that relationship!! The stresses down the road are far greater. She is doing it all now..think about with a house/kids..likenow but x10!! She''ll resent him.

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