TEXT TOPIC: What are you putting off?

What are you putting off? 

have a stupid gym pass to a stupid gym that''s charging me $25 and I have been putting off the cancellation for the stupid gym for a stupid 3 years. Stupid me.

been putting off replacing a part on my motorcycle, not to mention the registration tag, sitting on my desk.

my husband has a lift kit for his Jeep on the shelf in the garage right by where he parks. It''s been there going on 2 years

I've been putting of re-staining the kitchen cabinets for 3 years now.

turned 21 on Saturday got a notice in the mail a month ago to renew my license ... yeah still haven't done it

my wife has been putting off changing her name with Social Security office (because she don’t want to stand in line all day) we have been married 11years. It really gets to me

My dad had a Jeep that he loved and was always "going to" get running...27 years later he gave it away. My mom wanted to choke him out!

I've been putting off sending my aunt's Christmas present. For no reason I'm just forgetful.

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