TEXT TOPIC: Did you take the wrong pills or too many by accident?

Did you take the wrong pills or too many by accident?

took 200mg of progesterone instead of just 100mg I had a newborn baby; and it was like I was drunk. Lol I was crawling to get to him in the middle of the night, the room was spinning, I ran into the wall. I had to wake my husband up to help me out lol so scary

I take Sudafed.. I got that out and also same time getting my dogs allergy meds. didn't pay attention and took my dogs meds.. called the vet..

take a beta blocker at night and a few weeks ago I almost took adhd med instead; same bottle and capsule lol

I’ve accidentally taken my night time meds years ago before going to work. Half way through driving to work I felt sleepy so I went back home called in sick.

I've been a mess the last few days. Found out my husband had been mistakenly giving me motion sickness medicine instead of my anxiety meds.

My daughter (age 4) ate a whole package of the chocolate squares of exlax. I panicked and called poison control.. they said to keep her hydrated as she will be will be pooping A LOT

My dog almost took a stool softener! Had to dig it out if her mouth.

take a lot of meds already in a pill dispenser. Grabbed wrong dispenser took 27 phentramine by accident ended up in ER

took double of my tramadol (narcotic) and double thyroid meds it's just routine and I couldn't remember if I took them or not

I took a new medicine. That made my legs hurt really bad. I had also taken an Ambien. I was a mess. I was kicking and screaming and my husband didn''t know what to do. I called 911 myself. They came and couldn''t do anything for me. So embarrassing.

my dog stole my wife's xanex off the counter right before we went camping. He was basically stoned for that entire day, just staring at trees, dirt, etc.

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