TEXT TOPIC: Where did your kid pee in public?

Where did your kid pee in public?


My son went in a family member's backyard, on top of the playhouse, above the fence, for all the neighborhood to see, after a missionary farewell. Super!

My son who is 5 pees off the deck in the backyard, aims right between the rails and all the neighbors can see. They just laugh

my son decided to pee in one of those medicine cups for kids and then drank it. Yuck!

when my son was potty training, we were at my husband's softball game & he walked up to the dugout & peed on the fence for the whole team to see

Stood in line for over 30 minutes to get on the log flume at lagoon, get to the front of the line my son says he has to go the bathroom I told him to pee in a bottle he fought me on it and peed all over the back of his sister during the ride

My kid pee'' d right in the middle of a crowded splash pad on a hot summer day. Most mortifying moment ever as parents are looking around trying to figure out who he belongs to, I started looking around too. I couldn't claim that! Haha

When my son was 4 he peed during the middle of a soccer game. The problem was, he was playing in the game

I was driving past a Wendy's the other day and saw a mom and her son walking then all the sudden the kid starts pulling his pants down to pee so she ran him over to the tree so he could. It was so funny!!

At the park with friends. She peed her pants at the top of the slide standing over her brothers and my friend's boys who reported: "I's raining".

We were at Hogle Zoo waiting in line to rent a wagon. My then 3 yr old said he needed to potty. I didn’t want to leave the line as it was super long and had already waited a long time. I asked him to hold it but I guess he couldn’t cause the next thing I know he is peeing right there in the line.

At a church camp, our 4 years old dropped pants to ankles started peeing in front of everyone. His look was like when I got to go I go.

my daughter was about 4 we were in line at a local drive-thru & I told her to go to the back & go(bathrooms in back) nope she drop & squat at the corner of build the line of cars around the corner

I'm late, but was driving...we have a picture of my son in one of my sister's wedding pictures, peeing at the salt lake temple...

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