TEXT TOPIC: Did you see someone's email open and snoop?

What info did you see when someone accidentally left their email open? 

My older brother left his email open. Saw private conversations with a significant other. That's how I found out he was gay.

my general manager left his email open at work and the whole crew that night saw dirty photos he sent to his friend of the "wife swapping" and conversations of what they should do next time and how much they enjoyed it

it was roughly 10 years ago. I was an assistant for this guy. He had left his office and he told me to grab some mail. I bumped his desk his computer turned on.... there was an email I read the subject, deliverance. The guy I was working with was emailing with another person, he was putting a hit on his wife. I tipped the cops.

found emails between my spouse and a coworker having an affair

Husband left email open it was a email from someone on a dating website and he was telling her to call his cell phone number and not to call the house number. Not my husband anymore!

mom saw an email about her from her boss bashing her to another coworker who happens to be the bosses daughter. All worked together

saw the emails of how much my managers commission was each month. Just pushed me harder to want my own store which I finally got

m.i.l. Left her email up and was planning a weekend getaway with a man who wasn't my f.i.l. Caught her lying ass 1 week before the trip.

my ex-husband's email and found out he's been cheating on me since before we got married.

little snake I gave a huge promotion 20k raise was talking crap on me in her email to my boss! So I got revenge and got her fired! #keepyourenimiesclose

opened my email to find a PowerPoint for a presentation... the teacher already had projected it onto the screen, everyone say my amazon order confirmation for hemorrhoid cream... so much for getting the prep h online to avoid embarrassment at the store.

saw in my bosses email that she wasn't going to Brazil for the vacation she said. She was going there to get lipo and plastic surgery

my bosses email was open and I saw an email from her lawyer about her divorce found out how much money she owed her ex in the divorce

My friends mom left her email open and we where using her computer she left her email open and that's how we found out her mom was cheating on her dad

cousin husbands email was open found out he had been having an affair. It was going on for 2 years with a mutual friend

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