TEXT TOPIC: Do you want a wedding proposal re-do?

Do you want a wedding proposal re-do?

want a do over....for all of it. My proposal: he was running out the door to play football on thanksgiving. I asked if I could show my family the ring. So he got on his knee next to the bed (I just woke up) asked me, shoved the ring on my finger and ran out the door.

my now husband, took me to the jewelry store and said "just pick one!" When we walked in. I looked around and found a gorgeous ring and said "this one!" He looked at the price and said... "uummmm pick another one!"

I am his 3rd wife. I got nothing romantic, nothing creative. I am still hurt

My son proposed to his girlfriend in between puking his guts out because he was so sick.

sitting in the backyard, he said "we're celebrating" & threw a box at me!

my husband proposed to me at our college warehouse job. We're in Utah dude. Literally anywhere else would have been a more gorgeous location

proposed to my wife while watching the movie Alive. We were both teenagers and she was pregnant so didn’t think it needed to be overly romantic. And nothing says love like a movie about cannibalizing your fellow airline passengers.

I was peeing.. yep he walked right in..sat on the counter, I stood up holding my pants up.. he said "I’ve been thinking, there is no one I’d rather spend my life with then you." I kind of smiled and then a moment of awkward silence and then I asked if it was OK if I flushed the toilet haha. No ring until a few months later. 15 years and 5 kids later going strong.

my husband proposed after me being mad at him for being an ass after a Super Bowl game. Later that night he called a friend to tell the news and she proclaimed her love for him.

we were on vacation and I already had been shown the ring but gave it back until he talked to my dad. Went to a really nice dinner with friends and then to the beach, I knew he had the ring in his pocket the whole night and when we got back that night he still hadn’t asked me so I started crying and so that’s when he asked me. So awful! He said he didn’t ask at the beach because there were too many people around

I want the redo, I basically asked my now wife if after a conversation we were engaged. No ring no real proposal, I wanna do-over with a new ring

wish proposal was in private also more of a surprise. But he sucks at surprises so at least he tried lol

my husband would want it to change, not me! Roses, petals, and romantic dancing. It was fine to me! He wanted to propose with a puppy and a ring

fianc proposed to me in the hallway as I was putting my coat away. I had to tell him to get down on one knee

how's this one it happened in the bathroom of are single wide trailer. As my husband got down on one knee he fell through the floor of the trailer.

specifically told my hubby I didn't want the typical mormon scavenger hunt proposal. I got something VERY similar. Redo please.

hubby asked in front of my whole family at xmas. Not creative at all & he asked his ex wife same way just better,still mad

after dating 6 years I want a redo. Because I proposed to him because he took forever. And my husband just got a ring and gave it To me. 13 years strong tho

eating at Warrens, he mentioned he wanted to marry me, I asked when, he said today, we got married 3 hrs later. Celebrated 15 yrs in Nov. LOL

was proposed to after a fight in bed in the dark... he didn’t even actually say "will you marry me?" Just fumbled around in the dark to find the ring then turned the light on and handed it to me...

I was asked on the couch. No ring. I was his third he was my first. I still had him to talk to my dad who was an alcoholic. He told my husband I would never hug him or say I love you. Do over please?

I wish I could have a do-over on my proposal. it was lame and my wife definitely deserve a whole lot better on the proposal and the wedding too.

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