TEXT TOPIC: Did your parents job mess with your social life as a kid?

What did your parent do for a living when you were young that didn't bode well for your social life? 

Dad was principal, Mom was a teacher aide, brother in 9th, when I was a senior. Total school size 700 kids for grade 7-12. Never got away from family.

My dad was a junior high world history teacher at MY junior high. Everyone had him as a teacher. On top of that try skipping class with him in the building and all the teachers know he was my dad. In addition he was also our bishop while I was in junior high and high school.

my dad was in IT, specifically information security. There was no email or IM I could keep from him. He also went through a bunch of lie detection classes. He was next level.

Moms coworker's wife was my teacher. Couldn't get away with JACK! Teach would call husband in class, within minutes mom was calling me. It sucked

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