TEXT TOPIC: What is the reason you stopped going to your doc or dentist?

What is the reason you stopped going to your doc or dentist?

insisted my 4yo had growing pains. He had a nonstop fever and was limping. I insisted on 2nd opinion. Yep he had a staph infection. I was so mad!

had a gastroenterologist tell me it was just me getting old the reason why I had stomach issues & constipated & to drink Metamucil. Went to a new doc & come to find out I have Celiac Disease! #suckitdumbdoc

Saw an elderly Orthodontist in his home. Had braces for 5 yrs. He overcorrected my teeth & I told him he wouldn't waste my parent's money anymore. Disgusted

recommended my doc to my brother in law and she treated him like second class because he was self pay no insurance so rude acted like he was nothing

I was going through a really hard time & my first visit to this new dentist ended in tears. The dentist laid into me about not doing a good enough job & I''ve been scared to go back ever since...almost 9yrs ago

went to a gastroenterologist follow up and the doctor kept staring at my chest and commenting on how pretty I looked. Creep alert!

I stopped going to my pediatrician, I told her I wanted to slow down my sons vaccinations, not stop them complete just slow them down. She questioned why I would ever do such a thing.. my response.. because I’m his mother and I’ll make the decision

told my doc that I had a birth plan and wanted to avoid a C-Section. He said he wasn't going to reschedule his golf games for my birth plan. I was out!

my husband makes tiny babies (our biggest was 6.9 lbs) and I was sure on my date, but he kept moving the due date back. When I went in to give birth, he said "don’t plan on her crying, it’s too early." horrible bedside manner.

I was going to a therapist for a few weeks. My co pay was different every time I went in and then he kept asking if I got a bill. Never got a bill he asked for the rest of the session costs. I called my insurance company and they told me that therapy was covered after a $25 co pay and there was no claims filed for that doctor. Months later and no claims made... Yeah shady af I stopped going

Had an ENT prescribe anti depressant to mellow me out. Made me raging suicidal/homicidal. Told me he''d never heard of that happening. ITS THE FIRSTLISTED SIDE EFFECT. Never went back.

a doctor said my pregnancy was a empty sac and scheduled a d&c, that empty sac starts Kinder this year ;)

quit seeing a Dr bc he kept telling me that I must be overeating & lazy bc I kept gaining weight. was diagnosed w/ PCOS & have lost 30 lbs since

Stopped going to an OBGYN positive pregnancy test. He said I was not pregnant. Gave me a prescription for Phen Fen So I could lose weight. She will be 21 in June. Left a dentist also because of him breaking HIPAA.

my dentist would pat me on the shoulder and ask if I was in pain, but his pats were too close to my boobs for comfort!

Got ill after having my son. Told all Drs it was my med. They all said no. They tested for everything covered found out I was right. bye to all 8

I made a comment about vaccines not being good this year. 45 min lecture on how, where they come from. Now i know why i waited an hour to get in. God complex

Hated my 1st obgyn for my 3rd baby. He made me feel like a teenager instead of a married woman with 2 other kids. "Well we all know how you got into this situation." He would say

went to a highly recommended dermatologist for eczema on my legs. He wouldn’t let my BF in the room with me. He then proceeded to tell me to take my shorts off, even though the problem was all below my knees. He touched my legs very inappropriately and then got mad at me because I was using lavender oil to sooth the itch but it was the only thing working for me. Never going back!

stopped going to my pediatrician because she was not looking into the issues I was seeing in my son. Once I demand more testing and find out he had an esophagus disease I left her.

stopped going to my doctor years ago b/c he was constantly trying to give me a Pap smear (not an ob!) l8r found out he was showing inappropriate videos to patients of him and his wife among other things; glad I dodged a bullet! >"

several months after having my first child I experienced severe back pain and down my legs. After a few tests my Dr started making comments that it was in my head. 3 years later I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor that was paralyzing me

stopped going to my dentist because he always wanted to upsell me on different procedures

My husband's dentist hit a nerve in his tongue while giving him a shot and caused permanent numbness and loss of taste

stopped going to my dr because I had strep throat and he told me it was a virus and to drink orange juice and get some rest.

had to switch dentist. Went to wife's dentist. First appt found 2 cavities, after yrs of none. 2nd appt 3 cavities. Switched to new dentist. No cavities!

OBGYN. Was 25 weeks prego on Father''s Day and just felt really off then starting cramping/spotting. Doc said was normal (didn''t want to go in on Father''s Day). I had my son that night. 2 lbs. doc had nerve to show up to hospital wanting to see me! I had him thrown out of my room. IDIOT!

stopped going to my dr because all he wanted to do was prescribe pills instead of trying to figure out what was really wrong and the underlying issues.

Stopped taking my kids to the pediatric dentist because the dental assistant was freaking out my 5 year old, telling us she had cavities and that shell need to be sedated. Not gas, IV sedated! I told her no she was rude to me, stating she has been an assistant for 12 years and knew what she was talking about. The dentist walked in my daughter was perfect for him and he said her teeth were perfect. I gave a look at the assistant that would kill if it could.

Married Dr propositioned me. Offered to make me a kept woman if I would become his mistress. Just not an appropriate conversation after a gyno exam.

doing pretests to have essure done (perm birth control) I told my obgyn that I''m more sensitive than other women in that area went to do the test hurt so bad I was balling, he scurried our as quickly as possible afterward. Horrible bed side manners!

when I was 14 I knew something was wrong with our cat and spent a long time convincing my dad to take him to the vet. He finally did and the vet sat there ripping into me about why I didn''t bring him in sooner. We left him there and he died during the night, I hate that he had to die alone in a cold metal kennel with cold unfamiliar people.

changed pediatricians, she was adamant my daughter wasn''t tongue tied, called me paranoid. 2years of speech therapy, surgery, and a new ped later, my girl finally started talking.

after a still born I asked when I could start trying for another baby. Doc asked "why on earth I would ever want another baby, I must be crazy"

had Gynocologist who during my exam kept asking if my husbandraped me and acted like she didn t believe me when I said no. Veryuncomfortable

saw my doctor about my daily headaches and frequent horrible migraines.she would prescribe hardcore drugs for it. They made me sick. I have a new doctor and

husband stopped going to dentist. had an infection that he said had to surgery for cadaver bone in his jaw, new tooth, $9k, etc. Had him sit for almost 3 weeks with the infection w/out antibiotics. New dentist, pulled tooth immediately, $100 later. Jaw healed on its own since he''s healthy. Immediately on antibiotics. GRRRRR

let My daughters pediatrician because my nephew had the same one and I kept telling them his head with a big ended up with a brain tumor and he passed away

left my family doc when I was teen because I asked him for birth control which I needed and he proceeded to lecture me that if I started bc at 16 it could ruin my chances of getting pregnant/render me sterile when I found a husband. I told him having a kid unplanned would ruin hat, too!

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