TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday! May 15, 2018

Passive Aggressive Tuesday! What is your passive aggressive text?

sorry your husband sucks and you hate your life with him. But let's not take it out on me!

Dear Regional manager. If that person is your choice for the new manager, I am 100% questioning your abilities as a manager and your intentions for our business. You’re setting us up to fail. Go drink beers with the boss weekly and you’ll get promoted. Noted.

to my coworkers on salary. You’re on salary for a reason, put in your hours like everyone else and stop being a lazy ass, work at least 40 hours a week, everyone else is working 45-50 hours a week besides your dumb asses. Oh and when were busy stop f’ing leaving early! P.s. even your mom’s disappointed in you.

hate the people that come in and spend $8 on cigarettes but won't buy their kids a 25 cent candy

don't volunteer my hubby's help w/o asking. We have our own shiz to get done and don't have time for your desperate need to please others.

for my mother, stop being so damn negative about everything. And I mean everything.

Get therapy. Everyone is sick of dealing with your emotional baggage. You are 65 and we are over it.  

u quit ur job & plan on living off the state cause ur pregnant? Ya Great idea kid ur just like ur mom

Stop posting selfies of yourself that are so heavily filtered that make you look totally different and saying crap like "feeling good in my own skin" when you obviously don’t even look like that!

communication and friendship are 2way streets. If I'm not worth your effort I'm done trying to keep it going.

I know your Dr's note was fake. Who gets a week off from a family dr? especially when your wife works there? Glad you quit I'm redoing your job now.

just because you want people to hit on you doesn''t mean that I did. You should focus your attention on your failing marriage and less on other married people. We are happy where we are.

Just wish you hadn't gotten me all attached to you. Now you're 8 hours away and I'm heartbroken.

Hello crappy manager. Threatening to quit, just to get promoted still doesn't make you a good manager or person. You still suck

For a boss who says they'll support us and help us pursue our goals, you R literally holding me back from a great promotion because you need me to do ur job

found out you've been beating the shiz out of my sister. Watch your back you piece of shiz. You are pathetic.

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