No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Check out this listener email below: 

Hi Frankie,


My name is Meshell Long. My family has always been avid listeners of your morning show. We love it and have been listening for over 10 years! I wanted to share a friend’s story with you in hopes that you can also reshare on your platform as well.  


I have a friend names Denise Devynck who runs this Facebook Group Page: As you can see on the group page, she is truly an angel. She volunteers all her time and almost all of her money helping others in need. She is a huge advocate for the homeless in Utah, she is the woman who runs gigantic community drives in order to send care packages to deployed military members, she helps so many families in need. If there is any party, group or individual in need, she is the person who does not hesitate to jump in, gather resources, engage the community and pull together the means from all places to help others. She has done so much that she was even on the news this last holiday season. The homeless community knows her by name.


This past Christmas, she was downtown from sun up to sun down (regardless of the weather) running an ongoing homeless drive every single day of November, December and January. She even helped our family with our separate homeless drive. When she showed up Pioneer Park the day of our drive, she brought with her countless boxes of food, toiletries, brand new sleeping bags, blankets and coats. She doesn’t just give either, she had laminated cards that provided the homeless with various organizations and resources to help them get back on their feet. She was like a counselor talking to each individual, letting them know what path they needed to take and where to get the help they needed.  


This morning I found out that she had taken a homeless couple in, let them stay in her home because they had a newborn baby. Well, they couple stole all of her money. Completely cleaned her out! It was so disappointing to hear that she was a victim of such a crappy act. You would think after an experience like that, she would be holding some resentment and never want to help anyone again. Well, I offered to start a GoFundMe campaign to help her replace some of her money and when I did, she politely declined and asked me to just keep helping the homeless. She said that if I raised any money, to do it for them. Unbelievable. She is seriously the most selfless person I know.


I have started a GoFundMe to help raise money that she can use to continue her tireless efforts to help different members & groups of our community:


I’ve attached some messages between her and I so you could see for yourself how amazing she is. I’ve also pasted some photos below of her recent volunteer activities. If you check out all the videos and photos on her group page, you will see so much more. This woman has been doing this type of stuff for over 10 years now. She dedicates every waking moment she has to help others.


If you could please share her story and even her group page or GoFundMe campaign, that would mean the world to us! I’m sure she would even be willing to go down and speak with you on air if you invited her to do so. Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated!

Frankie and Jess

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