TEXT TOPIC: Were on the phone with someone when something bad happened?

Were on the phone with someone when something bad happened and you heard it all go down?

talking to my friend on the phone when he set his arm on fire.

My friend heard her mom get mugged while on a payphone. She heard punches and screaming. Turns out her mom beat the dude with her purse!

my daughter has epilepsy. She was talking to me on her cell phone & went into a big seizure. The phone dropped & I could hear kids screaming @ school. Scary!!

skyping with my mom and my at the time wife while i was in Iraq. Our base was attacked, explosions and gunfire were going off. Couldn’t call for 6 hours

talking to my brother at night when a large deer jumped out and started running at him--my brother was just screaming. Learned later what happened. Brother ran back inside and deer left.

I was on the phone with my husband in traffic when I saw a semi coming up behind me really fast and I told him he's not stopping then I lost the phone call--The semi ended up flying past me in the emergency lane. I was able to call my husband back he was freaking out so scared. That’s was terrifying

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