TEXT TOPIC: Do you allow your kids to sleep with you?

My kids sleep in my bed and it drives me CRAZY. It's a hard habit to break! Pray for me!

I’ve co slept with both of my kids because as a working mother, i got more sleep that way, feedings were easier and I worried less with them with next to me. They are now 5 and 2 and both sleep in their own rooms and beds just fine.

My 18 month old son still sleeps with me. At first it was because I was breast feeding and it was easier when he was getting up in the middle of the night, then he got a bunch of ear infections and I figured he just wanted to be close while he was in pain and now it’s just easier than fighting with him. I’m a single mom and I know that it makes us even more dependent on each other than we already are but it’s a tough habit to change now. He starts out in his bed but when he wakes up in the night and realizes he’s in his crib he cries until I get him out

my 2 & 3yo are still sleeping in my bed. Only reason for that is I don't have a room to put them in, & there's no room in my room for more beds.

my kids are two and four, my husband was on the couch last night, and all three of us were in our California king size bed. He’s not okay with it, much longer and we’re trying to get them out. But I love it the Angels snuggles is amazing

my 2 year old sleeps in between us, my 4 year old sleeps on the floor next to the bed, and my new born is in the crib at the foot of our bed lol. Why we bought a 4 bedroom house not sure. Both me and my husband are too tired to deal with it lol.

31/2 falls asleep we move him to his bed he comes back around 3 I'm ok hubby not

nannied 4 a family that let their 11 year old and 3 year old girls sleep with them. I had to get the girls out of their bed and get them ready and then the parents would spend alone time.

our daughter 14 mo since the day she was born, I breast feed it's easier husband says he also prefers it

let my 5 year old sleep in bed if its after 2am when he comes in. I'm ok with it. Hubs is ok with it. I think

gf's 10 yr old son sleeps with her. All his life. Also kisses and touches her way inappropriately but she doesn't see it. SMH

my sis in law sleeps With her 7 yr old and her husband sleeps with the 4 yr old in another room. Has been that way since both kids were born. Needless to say they are clingy and have other social issues.

have a friend with an almost 9 year old, 3 year old and almost 1 year old in the bed. The husband hates it, and wife encourages it. I cant handle the idea of not having my own space.

sister in law is 14 and still sleeps with her parents

my 8yo sleeps in my bed. I want her to. I’m divorced, work 2 jobs and share custody. When she’s home, I want every second next to her. Soon enough she will grow up, live her life and barely see me. I am soaking it up while I can.

My old BFF has a 3 y.o. That has never slept in his own bed. She depends on him so much ever since her divorce. I don't think they've ever slept apart.

cosleep w/my2toddlr grls.My17m old son sleeps alone&so does my hubs.It's not by choice but I like it(most nights)

My bro-in-law has their 6 yr old sleep with them since he was a baby and he won''t go to bed until they go to bed with him. So they have to lay in bed til he''s asleep, then they can get up again, lol

we had to move to back side of apartment cuz of bed bugs & they are gone but im too scarred to go back with my hubby

our 2 year old goes to bed in his bed and will come in anywhere between two and four sometimes we put him back sometimes we are too tired to put him back

My niece is 8. 2nd grade. Still sleeps between mom and dad.

our almost 3 year old has always slept with us we don't mind at all I work late and hubby works early I look at it as they are only little once

Husband kicked the kids out around age 2, now 6&8 they sleep in their own beds fine. I still let them sleep with me when the husband is gone.

my boyfriends son is 13 and sleeps in his bed nightly. My boyfriend is the first to leave the bed if needed. Boy dictates house

My 2 yr old sleeps with me. I''m a single mom of 2 boys working 50-60 hrs a week. He shares a room with his school age brother and it''s the only way we can all get sleep

son slept in my cal king bed til he was 10 when husband traveled which was a lot &didnt mind.

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