TEXT TOPIC: Were you married with kids and then decided to come out?

Were you married with kids and then decided to come out of the closet? 

a couple friends announced their divorce a couple years ago and I know it’s because he’s gay. They still live together and co parenting as roommates. They even just bought a house together and work really well together.

my friends dad came out to his wife 16 years ago. They decide to make it work until the youngest was out of the house The kids didn’t know until 3 years ago. The dad wants to do the shock therapy he’s refusing to live the way he feels.

married 8 years with two kids. Husband told me he was gay before we got married. It isn't easy but we make it work. I married my best friend.

Was married for 20+yrs. 3 kids. Fell in love w/a girl. 2 of my 3 kids no longer speak to me bc I left their dad. I no longer like Mother's Day. :(

my friend was married and came out. I was his best man. Not the best man in that way though. I always had my suspicions that he was gay. 12 yrs later yup.

married 4 years, one child, two years after divorce he came out but has not seeked a partner due to religious beliefs.

she had one kid when she met him and got married had another kid and then she comes out with a girlfriend, saying " he didn't spend time with me and she did all in less than 10 years Now he supports for both kids, even though one of them it's not

Neighbor was married to abusive wife. They had 2 girls. When he divorced her, his boyfriend moved in & redecorated the house with male pictures.

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