TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

What is your passive aggressive text? 

no one cares about all of your fake stories that u think that we believe it. Sorry to tell you we don’t believe a word u say! #sorrynotsorry

Look Chris you’re white not black. Stop talking like you’re from the hood. Nobody cares that you can’t make sales we all know you got hired because you know a guy. You’re a douche

don’t be a B just because your friend didn’t get hired for the quality position, attacking the boss like that first thing in the morning is pathetic, grow the F up

Don’t get my hopes up for a job out of state saying you’ll fly me out to meet the executives if the second interview goes well, and then ghost me after you told me you felt I would be an awesome fit for your company!

your employees should be more important than your patients with a lot of money. Stop of working us and treating us so poorly for someone who doesn’t care about us

Get over yourself. Seriously. YOU made a choice that hurt people. WE are allowed to be upset. We dont have to blindy support you or your choices. You f up. You excluded us from your wedding. Yeah we are gonna be hurt. Get off your high horse and stop being a bitch!

I know you gave me a negative review, I know you wrote and negative review online, I know you wrote a Facebook post about me, I know you called OSHAon me. Stop your passive aggressive BS.

really sick of all the guys making way more money than all of us girls!! Something needs to change.

please stop taking about how much $ u have and how much your new Tesla costed. U r a government worker like the rest of us and no one cares!!!

You are such a manipulative little brat. You re 22 start acting like it. I m so embarrassed for your parents...I m even more embarrassed youre my niece!!!

being LGBTQ+ does not give you license to constantly make fun of straight people... the double standard pisses me off

hey a-hole thanks for putting up a giant sun tent right in the way of the 1st base line no one wanted to watch their girls bat or on 1st base

don’t play like you are 100% right and make me look like the bad guy. Your shady as f. You never were a good friend but go ahead put the blame on me so you can continue to live in your delusional world where your perfect.

don't pretend your my friend and love my child i know you got me moved to a different contract in a crap hole locaton.

You are a principal of a school- learn to say Library not libary, available not avail-u-ble, and ambulance not amblience.

want my kids old principal who hates us because of my son''s special needs and had us go to a different school, to know we are coming back next school year =better get some empathy training lol

You’ve worked here for what, a month? I''ve been here for almost 8 yrs, AND I helped train u. But thanks for trying to tell me how to do my job, & being surprised when I tell u I already know this stuff. Its not irritating at all...

hey meathead, I am not twiggy. I have actually had to work and go to school and take care of my kids well my husband was dying. I didn’t have time to go ride motorcycles and spend six hours a day at the gym well my ex-wife took care of the kids. Get over your self.

Hey in-laws, you know what you get when you turn your nose up at a free vacation? No vacation at all! The 3 of us will enjoy the cruise without you!...ungrateful people

Quit telling us how much you miss seeing your grandkids when all you do is make excuses to not see them when we try to make plans to have them see you.

you want to get a divorce but stay together to save $5k go f yourself

to the guy next to me at them gym.. get off your F-ing phone! No one at them gym wants to hear your conversation! I have my head phones volume pretty high and I can still hear you.

love you hubby but seriously your snoring is KILLING me slowly every night and the ear plugs are not working anymore #yourloud #ineedgoodsleep

quit acting like you’re a good dad. Tattooing your kids names on your arm doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t seen them in 18 months and you live 10minutes away.

You are right I did give you a negative review. I did give you a negative comment. I also did call OSHA. How did that 10,000 fine feel? You are the biggest piece of crap business owner I have ever met. I hope you and your business go to hell


Guess what, the guy you’ve wasted 4 years with will NEVER commit. Everyone can see that but you! We know that all you want is to be married and have a family. This guy will never give you that. Throw him to the curb already!!

it wasn't a "surprise" u got pregnant u were being irresponsible and you know it

Hey head coach- everyone in the business knows you lied on your resume about your coaching experience. Working a camp at Stanford isn't the same thing

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