TEXT TOPIC: How did your mom bail you out?

How did your mom bail you out? 

without my mom I would have NEVER been able to feed or house my girls when I first got divorced! She SAVED US! So grateful

Mom bailed me out multiple times during "that time of the month" when I wasn't prepared.

my mom bailed me out literally bail me out of jail when I got arrested for not paying a speeding ticket

alcohol ticket when I was younger 3:00 in the morning at a party, begged not to tell my dad and she didn’t only to find out we forgot to delete the message on the machine from the cop. Busted

was stuck on the big island of Hawaii because I followed a friend and bought a one way ticket. That friend bailed on me one month in and I was stranded. My mom helped me buy a ticket home

Mom doesn't know she bailed me out of a ticket as a teen. Speeding, 20 over, cop knew my mom and how she worked w/ his son in school. No ticket! Yes!

I was in high school driving dad’s truck for prom date. Parked in a parking garage and the exit was way small . Scratched the side of the truck and crunch the wheel fender. Mom got the part and I went to friends house to fix. Dad still doesn’t know to this day 25 years later. Often asked about the scratch and story was must’ve been a jeans rivet to or something

punched a girl when I was younger and didn’t tell my mom. The girl I punched confronted my mom about it. Mom said to her I think you deserved it

I was having a crap day at work, so my mom called and said we had a "family emergency" and needed me. Got me out of work for the day! I'm in my 30's!!

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