TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to vent about?

What do you want to vent about? 

fast food drive-thrus, when I worked there 20yrs ago 2mins in the Drive-Thru was too long. Yesterday I sat for 10min to get fries

we are staying at an apartment while our home is being built. Last night the guy beneath us knocked at the door and said he kept hearing thumping…um no that would probably just be us walking around. What are we supposed to do? He later started blasting his music at 11pm. Six more months

house prices in Utah

We live in Germany and most places don't take cards. I hate carrying cash!

Quit Bitching about the fact that we don’t have enough drivers and do something to keep the ones happy that you have here. That lousy raise isn’t anything. You aren’t the only trucking company around

there is so much favoritism at my work. I am not on the favoritism list and I can't work the shift I want because I don't have kids

ill rant and rave about my job. If your going to give something of mine to some one else to finish you need to tell me or better yet ask me to see If im ok with them stealing hours from me.

went to the grocery store told the lady I don’t like bags so give me his less bags as possible so what does she do she double bags all the bags that she did give me!!!!

My rant; Don't text and drive dumbass! You nearly rear-ended me!

my work gave us a weekend away and I ended up talking work politics all weekend with the CEO rather than having sex with my husband.

people it's our first child. If we want to buy baby clothes and a stroller or crib we can. There are plenty of things you can still buy us

Corporate made some changes to our schedules that mean more weekends and holidays for lab people. They don't care about our quality of life.

Don’t text me about work on my day off. I don''t care what is going on while I am sitting on my couch with my cat eating ice cream. Makes me so mad when people text me on my day off. I will deal with it when I come back. >:(

in laws are in town, but my brother in law will not come over without his dog... that has attacked two of my dogs and just cost me $600 in vet bills. And we are the bad guys for not wanting the dog at our house?!

I'm so annoyed by parents that expect you to parent their children and then make you feel bad if you say you can't help! Brother in law problems.

the senior living community is going to crap! People worried about heads in beds rather then the quality of life and well being of the vulnerable seniors

brought up a major issue up to my man 2 weeks ago. Had the same conversation this last weekend again. He hasn't worked the issue at all.

Business owners!!!! Update your websites!!! It's annoying when I go into your business with misinformation!! It bugs!!

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