TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! May 7, 2018

Tell us something GOOD! May 7, 2018

have lost 10 pounds and my wife loves it

bff's fertility treatments worked. After 10 years I get to be an auntie!

Tomorrow me and my daughter leave for a much needed vacation to visit friends. So excited!

start a new job today

Found out I'm pregnant. Praying that this is our rainbow baby after multiple loses

I am getting married on Friday. So excited

good news is I will be 30 years old on Friday and I get the day off to have a "me" day

found out my daughter in law is expecting a baby! Huge surprise! Very happy!

I’ve been talking to an old flame recently and now she's coming into town in two weeks....we're both recently single and I can't wait to se her!!

Hubby surprised me with tickets to P!nk on Wednesday and a night away from our kiddos!

Good news. I'm going to see Pink again in 2 days.

something good is YOU! I travel for work and the best part of my day is the 4 of you starting me of! Thank you! From Tennessee today

something good finally got my front yard under control and super pretty plants planted.

Heading to Vegas for a week with the wife debt free

Good news, my little sister had her first baby yesterday. I have the most beautiful healthy nephew!

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