TEXT TOPIC: What unconventional food items do you sneak into the movies?

sneak in Olive Garden, salad, breadsticks, and all!

saw black panther a lady came in sat down next to us pulled out some nasty smelling soup, crackers and something else. After she finished she got up and left never came back in to the movie

snuck in once cold stone 2 of the super gulps from 7/11 and noodles n company for me and my wife

Oreos. I can''t go to a movie without them and then I have to bring something salty to even it out so I sneak chips, sometimes dip. Turns into a whole thing haha

snuck in a full Texas Roadhouse meal - steak,baked potato, salad, peanuts and rolls

My wife regularly brings in a half gallon of ice cream. What can I say, she loves Tillamook chocolate and peanut butter

del taco or chick fil a in my purse

when I go to the movies all I need is my flask. I take whiskey and mix it with the coke. Or tequila and mix it with the icee.

my daughter snuck a PLATE of cookies in the theater we sat down & she whips a plate in a giant ziploc out of her coat

smuggled in a dozen chili dogs


Panda Express

snuck a large pi pizza in not sure why they didn't stop us, also sneak lo mein in all the time

Hot Scones with honey butter. Every movie years ago with my girlfriends. In a zip lock baggie and when you break that zipper open the steam permeates the theatre. Let the giggles begin feeling so sneaky. Good times with the girls.

My wife used to have a large, Costco sized purse and she would creatively sneak in Jamba Juices... careful to not have a lid malfunction

use to work at a movie theater. We had someone bring in kfc bucket

group of us ladies snuck in an entire PITCHER of mimosas! It was amazing!

chick fi la sandwiches all the time in the theater. And bottles of wine inside of hydro flasks

my boyfriend always gets Zupas salad and I will get whatever I am craving last time it was Panda Express

Friend grilled up burgers at home, took them to the movies with all the fixings, condiment bottles, full bag of chips, plates, cans of soda, basically a cookout in the theater

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