TEXT TOPIC: When were you mortified or upset by someone on their phone!

a lady's phone kept ringing while we were closing the casket at my grandpas funeral. Death stares from me!!

at a doctors office when they already have signs saying silence cellphone.

it was my 2nd day on the job at a very professional law office. It was quiet and I forgot to put my phone on vibrate. My husband called and the song blasted "I wanna sex you up"... I got some nasty looks!

hilarious and embarrassing, star trek ringtone "incoming transmission" during a prayer.

My uncle answered his cell phone during his brothers funeral service. Everyone wanted to beat him up.

was at funeral service for neighbor. My Parents were constantly taking pictures, on their phone, of the family who lost their loved one.

guy in front of us was ready to order Cafe Rio and took a phone call instead in line while they waited for him and finished his phone call

my friend got married last year and one of the invitees was FaceTiming the grooms ex the wedding ceremony. Family member saw that and handled that shizz.

husband received minor diagnosis at dr office. Pulls out phone IN FRONT OF DR to google diagnosis. Whaattt??

talking to a potential client. Phone was in purse, but not on silent. My boo called me. Their ringtone- "me so horny". I was so embarrassed and couldn’t get to my phone fast enough.

my dad passed at home and my step sister let her kids climb all over his body and she took pics. And took pics at his funeral with kids and her family all around the open casket. She''s lucky I didn''t close her in that casket and bury her in it.

used to have monthly trainings for work and a lady would sit behind me and type on her iPad, and all I could hear was click click click the whole time

had a coworker pull her phone out in the middle of a planning meeting and she started scrolling through facebook not paying attention to what we were trying to discuss at all.

Saw avengers I.W. over the weekend. Guy next to me was on FB, txting, Twitter, etc during the ENTIRE movie. I was livid!! If you’re not going to watch the movie, then leave!

a fatal work accident and our bosses first words to the co worker that found the other deceased coworker, was i need you to take pictures!! I lost my shizzz

oh my hell, my best friend, she will Facebook during the movie, I took her phone away during the last movie we saw together.

was at a baby blessing when all the sudden my phone goes off with. (Till the sweat drop down my balls) from the song (get low). Haha I left and didn''t go back.

At dinner w/friends. 1 would answer her phone, say "no I'm not doing anything" & have a full on convo LOUDLY in the restaurant

when people are looking thru Facebook during sacrament meeting! Aarrgghhh!

At Walmart in a PACKED aisle and my moms phone goes off and my dads ringtone on her phone was hot in here by nelly!

in the middle of Sunday school prayer, the u2 song on everyone's iphone started playing. I couldn't get it to stop!

when I 4get 2 put it on silent it never fails my Grandpa will call ring tone is an old man that yells out Answer the phone or im whooping ur ass

sitting in a movie theater right next to my sister and my brother both are on their cell phones not even paying attention to the movie I lost it

was at target in the dressing room, and woman in one of the other rooms was talking to one of her clients over the phone so loud. She was taking his personal information like phone number address and credit card number and repeating it out loud over the phone.

doctor on public transit giving explicit details about a patient from the day.

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