TEXT TOPIC: What aren't you in love with anymore?

What aren't you in love with anymore?

Politics. I used to love it. Anymore it is exhausting. People are ridiculous. Compromise is a dirty word. I'm over it.

hate my job. I've worked there for 14 years and it just doesn't make me happy anymore

staying up late. I think my child ruined that. I'm done by 10:00

use to be so passionate about my work. But it''s hard to even push myself to go to work. Now just feeling lost and wondering what I want to be when I grow up.

not in love with dancing anymore, running and hiking stole my heart

used to dance a lot. Never anything professional but it was what relaxed me and something that I really loved doing. But as of late I have been too self-conscious and I can’t bring myself to dance anymore because of how I look and I am afraid of what others will think.

used to love to try to do Bob Ross paintings but fears of making a mess and not enough space to paint. My painting kit is collecting dust.

used to love doing photography. But then it seemed like everybody else started doing it and I didn’t feel like I was any good and so I haven’t touched my camera and almost a year it''s kind of sad

Not in love with Salt Lake anymore. Getting too crowded too many people too busy everywhere you go

Many years of school in finance. Many hours studying for licenses & multiple years in the industry trying to get a dream job. Got it & I''m not feeling it anymore.

use to love to help that's why I was so good at customer service. People have ruined that for me, no one has manners or respect anymore

I'm over horse shows too much drama and politics makes me sick

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