TEXT TOPIC: Who is the SNOB in the family?

Who is the SNOB in the family?

pregnancy snob! 1st pregnancy and suddenly she needs all organic and massages all the time and she is a monster! The way she talks to employees at stores and food places if they get something wrong. I get the hormones but she''s just mean

my sister had weight loss surgery, and now she acts like she's better than the rest of us.

I don’t see how im a snob, but my sister in law says it. My business hasn’t changed my attitude so i guess ive always been a douchbag...

I'm the snob Left the religion and my life is clearly better then EVERYONE in my family. I'm proud of my life and success and it blows their minds

My Sis-in-law! When she was a teenager, she would only go to restaurants with "cloth napkins”

hubs a gift snob! If it's not exactly what he wanted, he'll comment about it. Look little brat, ppl don't HAVE to get u a gift in the first place

my hotel room. If see a single hair. I'm calling to complain for an upgrade. My poor husband

I''m a wine snob! If you paid less than $25 for a bottle I won''tdrink it, and don''t even get me started on box wine! >.>"

I'm a beer and wine snob 100%

My mom. Nothing is ever good enough. Her haircuts are always bad, her server at the restaurant never does a good enough job. It''s embarrassing to go anywhere with her!

my brother in-law. His wife is becoming a Dr. and all he can do is through how much money she is going to make.

I am a total soda snob now! Won’t get it unless it’s from one of those places!

my ex mil is the biggest snob! She ONLY shops at Neiman Marcus. Was disgusted if I bought clothes from target

im a workout wear brand snob, i have a hard time trusting the quality if its not lulu lemon but i use the heck out of my gear so my husband lets me keep buying it

I would say I m a apple snob I have to have all Apple stuff iPhone MacBook AirPods iPad

Grocery snob

I only buy meat from Harmons and Costco.

my sister in law is the snobs every time we go out to eat she orders prime rib... well done?!? Then sends it back twice to then just cancel her order. Kill me

my sister is a diet snob. If I m not eating the way she is it wrong and she has an opinion about every meal.

I thought you meant apples you eat. My hubs IS an apple snob. Honey crisp only. That's it. Seriously.

husband is a sports apparel snob. Will not buy an Under Armour shirt if the team is actually sponsored by Nike period and vice versa

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