TEXT TOPIC: What have you complained about at work but nothing has changed?

A teller at my bank is so lazy! There has been at least 5 of us that have brought it up to management, but they don’t do anything. All 5 of us have left the teller line because of her.

coworker stops at every desk telling same stories for hours very disruptive we complain and they just say she's single give her a break

I've complained about an employee lying about their time worked on their time card multiple times and nothing has ever been done about it.

lost a job 2 a colleague. Found out later she was sleeping w/ the boss...everyone found out. I reported it 2 HR, they told his boss. Nothing happened. They both still work there & she still works for him.

my co worker smokes weed. Now I for one I like to light me up one as well. But when you drive forklifts it’s bad news. A few have spoken up. 7 mos and nothing.

There are two people having an affair at my work, one is a manager, one a lead, and EVERYONE knows.. Nothing is being done. It''s gross. The manager is married. =

work for a hospital out of state. (What up from Philly!) My office is next to 3 on call rooms where residents can sleep when they’re here on call/over night. There’s a communal bathroom, but has no hot water. I’ve asked twice to have maintenance fix it, but told the hot water causes a leak and too hard to get to do they leave it off. No hot water for doctors and admins, really? SMH

2 supervisors. Once an hour smoke breaks. Sitting on their ass all day surfing the internet. Boss says.. yeah that''s what they do. Considering to smoke again.

multiple ppl have complained abt the favoritism it's obvious nothing's ever been done they don't do anything they go to daily lunch's

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