TEXT TOPIC: Social Media Fights with your significant other!

Did you and your significant other put your issues on social media? 

This girl that I went to high school with! One day they’re getting divorce because he’s a dirty rotten pos. The next day he’s husband of the year

Know a girl who calls out her baby daddy on Snapchat saying how she doesn't get any help and he doesn't have Snapchat

My sis in law does it all the time, but she vague-books it so ppl ask what's wrong. She's built a small army against her hubby.

Nightmare of a sister in law does it All the time if any1 tells her stop or defends him she blocks them! Goes from I love u 2 I hate him then he's my world

An old friend is always arguing w/ her bf on fb. Accusing him of cheating, he accused her of still doing meth. They got married last week. LOL

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