TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday! What is your vent?

mom posts passive aggressive quotes, aimed @ dad, about what "good men" do 4 wives. He'll text her his response & she'll respond w/ another quote

Quit acting like you have money. Everybody knows it’s your wife. You are a pathological liar. Nobody cares about your two stupid truck or your stupid trailer. what kind of d-bag buys things for their grandkids with a stipulation? Why don’t you go electronically harass somebody and get another charge again.

stop making me drive 12 hours a day if I wanted to drive that much I would go work for a different trucking company and make a lot more money

Dear coworkers, the copy machine and printer are made to hold a whole ream of paper! Stop leaving Random stacks of paper laying around the office!! #passiveaggressive

Dear bro in-law, we’re happy that you’ve finally achieved your dream of owning your own business...but you’re turning into a snobby jerk. We’re all getting sick of it

You wanted me fired. You spread things about me around the school. Guess what? No one likes you and I'm here to stay bitch. Nobody likes you.

you’re our boss! You make twice as much as us! So stop asking us to "donate" money instead of doing fund raisers for your kids girls camp. It’s summer camp! You shouldn’t be asking us to donate $100 when it only costs you $500 total

To my cousin, your husband is a no good piece of trash. No one owes you or him anything. Get over yourself and hopefully he won't go back to jail.

dad stop telling me how to parent my 7yr old like she's 16 I'm letting her be a kid and can handle the moody emotions better than you ever did

passive aggressive To my employee. I am the manager so it doesn’t matter to you what time everyone punches in. thank you I got that part taken care of it. So get your f’n nose out of it

stop coming at my husband because you are mad your son doesn't have playing time.. if he was as talented as you think he is; he would play

passive aggressive Stop being a dead beat drug addict and start helping support your son. You can afford tattoos and big tvs.. Grow up.

talking to all you close parkers. If I park out in the middle of nowhere, don't park next to me. I don't want someone dinging my door.

shut you big fat mouth, you say you don’t like drama, yet your in the middle of it all, or you cause it. shut the eff up or I’ll shut your fat azz up. Don’t act like you don’t talk shiz about me cause I hear everything you fake two faced B. Grow up or shut up!

to the bosses maybe if you don't spend money on trips and over paying yourself. All your workers pay checks wouldn't bounce week after week.

Bossman do your research! We are not as busy as you think we are. I hate the idea of working weekends for no reason.

you refused to settle out of court, wanted papers for clarification for custody of our daughter, fought tooth and nail for what they said. Now you refuse to follow the rules YOU wanted. Asking if it needs to be this hard. Yep.. black and white so suck it AHOLE. Karmas a Bitch

To my ex as much as I enjoy paying for your stuff! Grow up it’s been a year =Move on!

I’m STILL the only one working my ass off for this bonus. A deadline is a DEADLINE. Where is everyones work ethic.

dear sis in-law if you are unhappy with your marriage FIX IT. Go to therapy, divorce, get help. STOP projecting on the family & being so angry. Quotes on Instagram & being dramatic about every damn family gathering has to stop. It''s not our fault he is a selfish a**hole.

recruiters suck. Told me about perfect job. I said tell me more. They looked at my resume and said sorry. You switch jobs too often

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