TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: HR manager

Confessions in Professions: HR manager 

I am in HR. I see so many accusations calling someone racist and discriminatory with absolutely no basis of truth.

didn’t have an actual HR so went to office manager about co worker who was being awful. I was upset but never actually broke down in tears. A few days later some other co workers told me she was in their department telling them how I was sobbing and a mess. Never told her anything in confidence again. She’s all about the drama and always fishing for something. I know things about other coworkers that I wish I didn’t thanks to her.

I didn't work in HR but when I was 18 I made out with the HR guy in the bathroom on a regular basis. We are both guys ha.

everybody's background check all their dirty criminal laundry

working in HR gives you a lot of access to stalk your employees. From time to time I will Google map an employees address just for the fun of it, to see what their house looks like, what neighborhood they live in, and get a glimpse into their life

HR rep here. I'm more of a babysitter than an HR rep. Had two grown A** adults fighting over a pen. Really?!

HR knows everything! Who's having an affair with who, who has child support their back collecting on, when a layoff is going to happen months in advance etc

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