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Kylie didn’t jinx the last jazz game vs thunder!! #GOJAZZ for the win

leaving Friday for a week long vacation to Mexico. Excited to sleep in and not have to fight with my toddler about bed time.

I got to hang out with Jess at the MS walk! Also my son Cooper got to sit with your stud of a DJ for over an hour And learn from a pro. He was in heaven!

back at our clinic today after almost 6 months away! Newly remodeled and reuniting with everyone! So excited!

my something good. I am taking my last final today, our backyard is finally finished and our basement will be finished by the end of May!

My son is graduating with his bachelor's and I'm finally graduating with my associates.... this Friday! #Schooliscool


my husband is in Texas for work and I am driving his highboy F350 and I'm loving it!! This truck needs a ladder That's my good news for the day

Something good, my son had his well child visit and his tubes are doing there jobs perfectly. He's feeling great and no more ear infections!!

usually work weekends. Today is my Friday so I'm heading to Lake Tahoe to see my sister, last minute trip!! Something good!!!

7 months pregnant, working full time, and graduating with my bachelors form the U this Friday!! Couldn't be more excited!!!

boyfriend starts his new job today which means we can close on our new house in July!

closing on a new home today

I have two weeks left of work, before I am off for 6 months with the new baby and 5 weeks until she comes!

My 5 week old baby girl only woke up once last night!!

I am down 20.4 lbs since January 15, 2018. Just five more pounds to Get to my goal

baby girl is due this Thursday!

My sissy gets to come to work with me this week!

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