TEXT TOPIC: What is your parental advice?

My little guy is very emotional. When he gets upset we get to eye level with him and give his emotion a name. Ask are you sad and we talk about being sad. Telling him it’s ok and how to handle sad feelings.

Tell my kids I own everything because I have a job and they are lucky I share with them. 3 kids and it seems to have worked.

I have a highly sensitive 7 yo boy. My strongest advice is DO NOT discount their feelings. They need to be validated. There are good books about dealing with highly sensitive children. READ them. Sensory processing issues are a common side effect of sensitive kids.

Our little girl is both "bossy" & "emotional". Double wammie. 1st piece of advice--don’t call/label her as either of those bc it will do more damage than good. Describe the behavior you don’t like but don’t label the child. As for emotional--this is her way of communicating--find common ground but be careful not to suppress her emotions to the point that she can’t express them anymore and starts to hide them. That’s worse in the long run.

My 5 yo girl is SO emotional. We talk about being like Elsa and "letting it go."

I tell my overly emotional children that it's ok to have emotions, but it's not ok to let the emotions control us.

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