TEXT TOPIC: Is the sex bad?

Been together 14 years. It happens maybe once a week if that and only lasts a few minutes.

the sex is bad I'm bored, I need some naughty good lovin lol I love him, but Idk how to break it off ughhh

it's me! I tell my husband to get it over with! I'm horrible and just don't like sex.

sex has been routine for 10 months now. I like it mixed up and spicy not same every time. It is starting to feel like a chore.

Sex was fun and amazing before marriage cuz it was a no-no. Now it's boring cuz we're not breaking rules anymore.

11, going on 12 years... Awful sex. It was never good. Now he constantly complains we never have sex and it’s because I’d rather do anything else(go to work, clean, you name it!). I also don’t want to teach my man how to do it either, it feels like I’m teaching a child and that’s just wrong!!!

TERRIBLE. Lasts 5 min and makes me ALWAYS be on top

No foreplay. I always make the first move. I always foreplay on him if you know what I mean

He made really.weird noises during sex like he was in pain and it was SO AWKWARD

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