TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a black cloud over you?

I've been robbed 5 times, pistol-whipped in the process twice.

totaled 3 cars in the 3 accidents, interesting note all 3 were 1997

My grandma. She's been hit by 3 cars, that have landed her in the hospital. The worse one she was in for a year

ex husband got 7 traffic citations in one day.

last year in our house FIVE broken bones. Husband broke his nose, I broke my toe, my one son broke his toe and my other son broke his clavicle and shin.

have moved 13 times in three years = black cloud with living situations. Nothing has been my fault in terms of not paying renter anything just weird unlucky weird situations

my house has caught fire 3 times in my life. Once when 1 was 5 and a firework landed on the roof, when I was 12 which was arson and last one when I was 30 which they didn’t know what caused it.

Been rear ended 4 days in a row

all 4 times I've tried to start college SEVER tragedy strikes. Mom got cancer. I got 2 different cancers two different times. My dad got ill..

have a friend who hit 3 cop cars in one week. The last cop laughed and told her at this rate she was going to take them all out.

We were flooded by a farmer. Right after I remodeled with my grandma''s inheritance. We have flooded again almost to the day a year later. So we decided to move. The house we moved to caught on fire.

have the worst luck when it comes to cars I've gone through seven cars in the last four years. My late grandfather would always say if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all

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