TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that is EXTRA?

EXTRA: "Doing the absolute damn most. For no reason."

"Think Regina George's mom. However, anyone from a teacher who gives too much homework to that loud, drunk birthday girl stumbling around in a plastic tiara can be described as extra."


My sister!!! To work out she put in full make up. Never see her without heels. Wedding ring is the biggest rock you can find.

my wife, $$$$$ in surgery's and still wants more

It would be me! Regular hair maintenance including extensions, nails, brows, shopping - I love it! Honey if you can afford it, treat yo'self!

My mom & sister. Wont run into the grocery store or anywhere unless they're all ready & done up. Expensive taste. Throw fits if cant have things their way

it’s my husband. He had to iron his clothes every morning and every time a new iPad or phone comes out he has to have it, of and gum clothes have to be Nike =D

my sister-in-law. She demanded a huge diamond. When he couldn't afford it she replaced the small one with a big CZ. He should have run away

my mom is high maintenance does the same things in the restaurant and changes her order like five times she can never say her order and move on she always has questions and we have to roll our eyes

my cousin when we go to restaurants wherever we are getting seated it isn't good enough so she always asks to be moved

My youngest sister. Lives in San Fran. Poor college student but insists on eating out at expensive restaurants and constantly buying clothes.

my Cuz is an EXTRA vegetarian. Our older friends made us dinner and used chicken broth...cheeesusss!! Made them drive to the store for something she''d eat!! So rude!

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