TEXT TOPIC: Who is living in the past?

it's me, my husband had an affair almost 4 years ago. I'm not getting over it.

My mom's side of the family can't let go of a miscommunication on their part. They want nothing to do with us and it's been over 3 years now. #getoverit

I got pregnant at a young age and had no emotional support from my family. This was 9 yrs ago but it still hurts.

my MIL. She’s a hoarder. asked us to save a ridiculous # of Easter eggs but most were broken so my hubs threw them out. She STILL talks about it. 4 yrs later

My dad wore an afro, short shorts, and long socks until at least 2000. Wouldn't let the '70s go

my bf always goes back to high school He was mr popular football player in a small town. Peak in high school much?

had to sell my dream home a yr and a half ago due to a $26k pay cut still saddens me

Gpa can't grieve. He blames everything else for the deaths in the family and doesn't move on. It's been at least 10 years he's been doing this.

my mom! The question is what isn't she hung up on? That woman holds a GRUDGE. I'm talking stuff from kindergarten and she's 60!

my girlfriend she makes everything about the past and it's the only reason we fight

my mother-in-law is caught up in the past my husband and I have been married 10 years but she seems to live in the past of him and his ex-wife that got divorced over 15 years ago she even cheated on her son they have a child together but the only child that exists is that one child me and my husband have 2 since and she doesn’t even acknowledge them because she’s so caught up in the ex-wife and the first grandchild

My old bestie is ALWAYS talking about his ex. They broke up 12 years ago. Won't celebrate any holidays because "it's hurts to celebrate alone"

every time I hang out with this one friend or even see her she brings up negative things in high school or from junior high! It’s so annoying to the point I avoid her. We graduated HS 11 years ago

my husband always refers back to his fitness level from high school which really blocks him to succeed in his current weight loss journey he's a grown man

my wife's grandma. Sold house to daughter and still says they stole the house from them when they couldn't afford it. It's been 10+ YEARS!!!

hung up that in high school my baseball coach never played me, other players dads would tell me i was the best on the team, never got a shot to play in college because of that

My Hubby's baby mama keeps talking about how he left her and won't let it go, it's been 6 years. Grow up and get over it!

me I can't get over how terrible my dad was to me after my mom died and even after he died I try to let go but I can't. I hate him.

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