TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

it's cool that you're passionate about animal rights and gun violence, but when you make your children protest with you, And hold signs for you, you're pushing your agenda onto the souls of innocent bystanders. I know that's the point, but it's disgusting. your kids are bored and miserable. Take them to an effing park and let them be kids!

thanks so much to the parent that left a scathing comment about me on their student’s survey. Teach your kid some respect, and I wouldn’t have to give him so many consequences!

dear smokers...not everyone wants to smell your nasty cigarettes so stop smoking by doors or smoking and walking. I don't want your cancer!

I'm tired of working my butt off 60 hours a week covering for other drivers calling in with lame excuses. I might call in Friday see how you like it.

follow your schedule when you have to do your work @ my office, if it’s not your schedule, you don’t have to come every time just to say hi, That’s freaky

don't come to work with your attitude and make it miserable for everyone else. Change the attitude you freakin wench...

You may not understand until you have children but though YOU''VE forgiven ME, know that I am only human and sorry for my mistakes but I have feelings too. Though you don''t see it that way, I swallow my hurt and forgive you too.

Get off your high horse. Just because your head is up the bosses ass doesn’t mean you’re one of them. You are no better than anyone else. If you must know most people don’t like you.

I understand you’ve had to deal with crap in your life, but that doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of your family. Ya we’re here to help, but enough is enough. You’ve been mooching for 7 yrs. Time to be an adult again.

passive aggressive: please don't blame the poor gas station attendant for fuel prices, they do not make the price of fuel

how many times do I have to apply for a job at your company? I know I'm fully qualified

I know your father and grand baby did not die. Stop lying! Just pay your own rent and stop relying on a church to pay for your bills!!!!

my sister in law texts me every month to remind me of the $20 payment to my mom but I didn’t get a message from her when my nephew was in the hospital getting his appendix out

your work is sloppy, stop trying to give me advice.

bossman I hope you're listening you told me that you'd support my career choice no matter what. Now you treat me like dirt and tell me to suck it

so I hope this finds you well. One of your employees slept with your wife and one of your temps slept with your daughter... f you

Maybe if you had the motivation at work and actually worked instead of walking around like you know what you’re doing. but you don’t. you would be close to us bosses. sucks to suck buddy

I'm tired of your face!!! Just because you're my neighbor doesn't mean you need 2 know all my business stop yelling at my dog he's only a puppy


am I the only one taking this deadline seriously? CMON! 1slacker ruins the bonus for all! Get working!

stop lying. And if you're going to lie, at least make sure you're telling the same story to all the people that regularly associate with each other..duh.

Crazy lady it’s time you admit that you need some mental help quit saying you’re watch my son and then turn around to disown your own son because you can’t handle mine he’s a good kid and you’re crazy

no one cares about your daughter that you think can do everything from singing to modeling. She Obviously doesn’t make any money when you have to bail her out every single week. So shut up no one cares

Quit trying to control your son. He has been married for 10 years and is a GROWN MAN. Time to let him be an adult and parent his own kids. Step off.

step up and be a Dad or give up your rights You live 7 miles away and NEVER come see your daughter only 2 phone calls a month is pathetic like yourself

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