TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

I have addictive personality and have a major food addiction. I sneak food behind everyone's back.

I'm engaged but madly in love with my fiancé’s child hood friend. He has no idea

hubby and I date other couples and no one in our lives know about it. I love having a naughty secret!

I'm unhappy in my relationship but the sex is AMAZING & he's well endowed so im in no hurry

I've been clean for 17 months and we have turned our families lives around and I'm getting my high school diploma. My dirty little secret is I don't truly Believe I'm smart enough like every thinks I am to get my high school diploma and go to collage. I'm afraid of letting everyone down, but I don't show it

I’m 30& still dream about my elementary school crush ALL the time. It's always romantic/sexual in nature..& I LOVE IT.

Dirty little secret. Our time clock is off an hour at work. We have to change the time so I sleep in for an hour and change it when I clock on

Just split with the woman I’ve been having an affair with. She hates me right now and it’s killing me cause I love her still. Can’t tell anyone.

Not inviting my family to our wedding and haven't told them yet

everyone thinks we are the perfect couple but my husband has been to rehab

my family and a few friends still think I am a good Mormon girl. I am not. I have been drinking a little

im attracted to my brother in laws new girlfriend

I had sex on my friends couch while they were upstairs sleeping

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