TEXT TOPIC: Do you know single people that go after married people?

My now ex husbands side chick left him as soon as our divorce was final. She is now causing the divorce of his best friend I’m guessing they will end when his divorce is final too

My sister who is 40 is recently single & flirts with all guys, married to single. We tried to point it out but she denies it. So when I catch her flirting with a married man, I start asking the guy about his wife

my friend used to always try and score with women in relationships. His motto was "soccer's no fun without a goalie"

My gf had a "friend" followed us to a hotel on a weekend getaway. Pursued her. Went bat shiz psycho when she couldn't get her. Restraining order.

my ex went after my ex who was married. Then dumped her and went after her husband and got him to divorce her

my friend tries to hook up with married men at the office on lunch and usually succeeds.

had a guy try to pursue me again when he knows I’m in a relationship I think you likes to interfere with relationships cause problems She asked me to go out with them and I told him I can’t and I won’t because I’m in a relationship and he said why not just coffee But I know it’s for the not for him and I would never do that

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